Pittsburgh Community Broadcast Corporation Employee Contact Listing

WYEP Member Services: 412.888.0404

WESA Member Services: 412.697.2955


Name Title Contact
Baisley, Elizabeth Director of Marketing 412.697.2939; email

Brizzi, Hannah

Marketing Coordinator

412.315.6776; email

Buckley-Green, Erica Member Services Manager 412.697.2938; email
Capato, Chris Dir., Finance & Administration 412.697.2923; email
Dunn, Jordan Individual Giving Manager 412.697.2930; email
Esposito, Amy Bookkeeper & Administrative Coordinator 412.697.2942; email
Frank, Dorothy Director of Corporate Support 412.697.2929; email
Golias, Pam Corporate Support Representative 412.697.2959; email
Hurley, Tom Operations & Engineering Technician 412.697.2959; email
Loyd, Russ Director of Technology 412.697.2941; email
O'Reilly, Terry  President & CEO 412.697.2952; email
Bernstein, Judy Corporate Support Representative 412.697.2931; email
Pirollo, Tony Corporate Support Representative 412.697.2925; email
Price, Jason IT Manager 412.697.2952; email
Rinefierd, Alisha Traffic Assistant 412.315.6761; email
Trew, Dean Corporate Support Representative 412.697.2928; email
Turko, Courtnae Dir., Human Resources & Organizational Development 412.315.6771; email
Wood, Nancy Director of Development 412.697.2924; email
Wright, Nick Special Events Manager 412.697.2935; email


90.5 WESA

Name Title Contact
Alvino Young, Virginia Reporter 412.697.2951; email
Ayers, Christopher Host, All Things Considered 412.315.6774; email
Blackley, Katie Digital Producer 412.315.6766; email
Boden, Sarah Science, Health & Tech Reporter 412.697.2947; email
Davis, Kathleen General Assignment Reporter 412.697.2953; email
Doyle, Patrick News Director 412.930.8001; email
Gavin, Kevin Host, The Confluence 412.697.2948; email
Harris, Megan Digital Editor/Producer 412.315.6778; email
Herring, An Li Government & Accountability Reporter 412.315.6767; email
Iducovich, Kathleen Director of Major Giving 412.697.2943; email
Koscinski, Kiley Producer, Morning Edition 412.930.8012; email
Kovash, Sarah Digital Engagement Editor 412.697.2944; email
Krauss, Margaret Development & Transportation Reporter 412.697.2958; email
O'Driscoll, Bill Arts & Culture Reporter 412.315.6765; email
Page-Jacobs, Larkin Managing Editor 412.697.2954; email
Perkins, Lucy Government & Accountability Reporter/Producer 412.930.8008; email
Potter, Chris Government & Accountability Editor 412.930.8006; email
Reid, Liz Editor 412.697.2946; email
Scapellato,Maria Host, Morning Edition 412.930.8014; email
Schneider, Sarah Education Reporter 412.930.8002; email
Sisk, Amy Energy Reporter, StateImpact PA 412.315.6773; email
Studebaker, Bob Production Director 412.697.2956; email
Sutton, John General Manager, 90.5 WESA 412.930.8003; email
Wigger, Helen Operations Manager 412.697.2957; email


91.3 WYEP

Name Title Contact
Goldstein, Abby General Manager, 91.3 WYEP 412.697.2922; email
Licon, Antonio Digital Director 412.315.6779; email
Sauter, Mike Director of Content & Programming 412.697.2926; email
Siewiorek, Brian Production Director, 91.3 WYEP 412.697.2932; email
Smith, Kyle Music Director/Midday Mix Host 412.697.2934; email
Spehar, Joey Morning Mix Host 412.315.6772; email
Welsch, Rosemary Afternoon Mix Host 412.697.2927; email